Performer 55 is a wash-proof, heavy industry laundry tag with optimized design for superior performance in bulk scanning.

 Tested in harshest laundry conditions and approved for 200 washer extractor cycles and 70 bar pressure
 Excellent bulk read performance
 Optimized design for managing stray reads
 Soft, flexible fabric base engineered for maximum user comfort
 Available in heat-seal, sew-in and custom design woven logo label formats
 Resistant to all chemicals common to laundry processes
 Ironing friendly including chest-heated rollers and suitable for dry cleaning processes

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)

17x55x1.5 (only at center module)


Polycotton engineered fabric base

Hotmelt adhesive backside

Operating Temperature (°C)

-40 ℃ - 85 ℃

Process Temperatures (°C)

Patching: 204 ͦC (399 ͦF), 15 sec
Drying: 180 ͦC (356 ͦF), 20 min
Ironer: 200 ͦC (392 ͦF), 20 sec

Mechanical Resistance 

Tested at 70 bars 

Washcycle guarrantee

200 washes

Operating Frequency

UHF 866 / 928 MHz (Passive)

Transponder IC

Monza 5
ISO 18000 – 6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2
128 bit EPC memory